674-edes 4-star castle hotel Palatinate
Wellness vacation package feel good days weekend castle hotel Germany

Wellness short vacation
Wellness days at the castle

Schloss Edesheim

Let yourself be pampered for 2 days.

Experience pure relaxation in a unique, mediterranean ambiance in the Southern Palatinate and let your spritits run free during the professional and pleasant procedures.

  • 2 overnight stays in a comfortable guest room or in the suite
  • Breakfast from the rich buffet
  • A welcome greeting, rich in vitamins
  • Use of the sauna area
  • Free supply of bathrobes
  • Delicious and fresh vacation package "Half board" 3-course-vitality-menu
  • An Abhyanga oil massage for the entire body from the Ayurveda field, about 60 minutes (Appointment of date of the massage is made by the castle hotel)
  • A Shiatsu treatment, about 50 to 60 minutes

Room rates for companion without treatments:

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674-edes Castle hotel Palatinate, South Wine Road, Rhineland-Palatinate Germany

Gourmet restaurant, banquet rooms, wine tasting arch cellar, terrace, concert stage

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Edesheim Edenkoben Wine Road Weinstrasse Germany

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