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Tennis squash badminton skittle skittling dart minigolf

An oasis of peace and quietness with ideal conditions for different sport activities

Sports and free time center Bornheim (tennis, squash, badminton, skittle, skittling, dart, mini golf)

Ambitious sportsmen will find many different possibilities to do sports in the sports and free time center Bornheim (about 9 km southeast from the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate). The free time center is opened daily from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. The sport and free time center has the following sport sites:

  • 1 tennis hall, 2 indoor tennis courts (the two tennis courts in the hall are well lit and have a carpet, which is gentle to joints. The tennis hall is heated in the winter.)
  • 8 squash courts mit double oscillating floors as well as a glass side wall and glass back wall.
  • 6 badminton courts with double oscillating floors (hall height 8 meters, span of 2,50 meters to 3,50 meters in out run)
  • 6 full automatic federal skittling alleys of the skittle club Bornheim-Landau
  • 3 tournament darts with view towards the outside and bar connection
  • 1 generous and maintained mini golf course (18-hole, opened year-round)

Contact address: Sport- und Freizeitcenter (sport and free time center) Bornheim near Landau, phone +49 (0) 6348 / 7117

Sport center "Maikammer" (May chamber)
(tennis, squash, skittle, skittling)

In the sport center Maikammer (about 6 km north of the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate), there is also the possibility to do sports. The sport center has the following sport sites:

  • 4 tennis courts with natural sand in the open air tennis hall
  • 4 squash courts
  • 4 federal skittle alleys

Contact address: Sport center Maikammer, phone +49 (0) 6323 / 586 25

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You also have the possibility to play tennis in the surrounding area of the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate:

  • TC Grun-Weiss Edenkoben
    The tennis club "Grun-Weiss" ("green-white") Edenkoben (about 2 km from the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate) owns 2 tennis courts (sand courts), which are also available for guests. 
    Contact address: Horst Frank, Leonhard-Eckel-Siedlung 8, 67483 Edesheim,
    phone: +49 (0) 6323 / 5147

  • Tennis club Modenbachtal
    The tennis club Modenbachtal in Hainfeld (about 3 km west from the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate) has 6 tennis courts (sand courts), which are also available for guests. A ball wall, a playground and a club house also belongs to the features of the tennis site.
    Contact address: Volker Hartmann, Jahnstrasse 19, 67483 Edesheim,
    phone: +49 (0) 6323 / 6966

Skittling skittle alley alleys

Skittling belongs to the most popular free time activities of the Germans. No matter if you are an active player in a skittle club or if you play just for fun, the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate is just the right address for skittle tours or trips. Besides the skittle alleys mentioned above  in Bornheim and Maikammer, there are also different hotels and guest houses in the community of Edenkoben, which own a skittle alley, too:

  • Guest house "Zur Blume", Ludwigstrasse 100 (about 500 meters from the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate), phone +49 (0) 6323 / 3584, 1 full automatic federal skittle alley

  • Hotel Pfalzer Hof, Weinstrasse 85, 67480 Edenkoben (about 3 km from the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate), phone +49 (0) 6323 / 2941, automatic skittle alley, 1 Scherenbahn, a type of alley with a grooving of about 3,5 mm.

  • Hotel Tivoli, Edesheimer Street 31, 67480 Edenkoben (about 3 km from the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate), phone +49 (0) 6323 / 2327, 2 full automatic federal skittle alleys

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Tennis squash badminton skittle skittling dart minigolf

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