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During conferences and seminars, the collective experience often determines the success. An inspiring surrounding is a very important condition for this. The 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate as a historical building in connection with the flair of mediterranean way of life and with its modern congress equipment, offers the right setting. This ambiance lets your conference event become a real experience.

Far from noise and hecticness, the 5 meeting rooms of the hotel (all equipped with ISDN-lines) as well as the historical arch cellar, offer the ideal setting for your successful seminars and conferences. Your meeting will be culinarily accompanied by a fresh and mediterranean cuisine which has been prized several times with awards.

The castle and the residence, which are surrounded by a 2 km long wall, are located absolutely quiet and far from noise and hecticness, on an area of 5.5 hectares, embedded in vineyards and in a romantic park.

Conference rooms and capacities

Area (sqm) Length x Width (meters) Room rent Minimum turnover (EUR) Exhibition (EUR)
Churpfaltz hall 72 12 x 6 370 EUR 1475 EUR 560 EUR
Forum I 50 10 x 5 260 EUR 1025 EUR 390 EUR
Forum II 50 10 x 5 260 EUR 1025 EUR 390 EUR
ancing hall)
40 6 x 6,6 820 EUR 310 EUR
(wine bar)
30 4,3 x 7 155 EUR 615 EUR 230 EUR
Wittelsbach cellar 165 24,7 x 6,7 845 EUR 5150 EUR 1270 EUR

Room rental is not applicable upon booking of a conference package

U-Form Block Parliament Cinema
Churpfaltz hall 30 / 46 40 40 70
Forum I 17 24 16 40
Forum II 17 24 16 40
(dancing hall)
16 / 24 22 22 35
(wine bar)
10 10 - -
Wittelsbach cellar 44 / 62 - 100 160

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674-edes Castle hotel Palatinate, South Wine Road, Rhineland-Palatinate Germany

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Meeting conferences seminar castle hotel Palatinate

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