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781-hors Castle hotel Black Forest Germany between Offenburg, Freudenstadt, Freiburg in the Breisgau, Titisee-Neustadt and Donaueschingen, Baden-Wurttemberg south west southwest

History of the castle

Holidays in the castle hotel in the Black Forest, holiday between Offenburg, Freudenstadt, Villingen-Schwenningen and Freiburg im Breisgau

From the medieval castle to the modern castle hotel
The 781-hors castle hotel Black Forest, as we see it today, emanated from a well-fortified castle, which was built in the year 1120 on a high rock. It rises above the in the middle ages still wild Black Forest over one of the most important routes for commerce. Throughout the centuries, the castle has changed into a manorial castle and finally, today, to the modern as well as cozy holiday hotel, which is brought under in the rooms of the in the end of the 19th century new castle palace.

Bruno from Hornberg, the minstrel

One of the most famous German minstrels of the middle ages lived from 1275 to 1310 in the castle. His picture in the famous "Manessischen Liederhandschrift" (a medieval calligraphy) shows, how he's captivated with the bands of love from a riding castle miss.

Castle reeve Huldreich Engster - a hero of the reformation
The castle in the Black Forest played an important role for the reformation in south west Germany. Just like the mighty fore-work castle offered Martin Luther protection from the papal violence, the walls of the Black Forest castle also offered protection for the reformer of the southwest, Johannes Brenz.
Camouflaged as the castle reeve Huldreich Engster, Johannes Brenz spent from 1548 to 1550 two important years of persecution here, used the residence for his reform works and penned important theologic scripts.

The Hornberg shooting

Hornberg is known in all German-speaking regions through the saying "Es geht aus wie das Hornberger Schiessen" ("It finishes like the Hornberg shooting"). The saying relates to an event in the year 1564, as the duke announced his visit. In expectant anticipation of the big event, the Hornberg people and the shooters from the whole area, who gathered together, drank and fired off so impetuously, that, as the duke finally arrived, there was no more gunpowder left for the saluting. The famous saying still reminds of this funny, embarrassing moment. The local people and guests can experience the event every year by the performances of the open air theater.

Castle Hornberg - residence of a baroque princess
The castle with its small royal household, which was rebuilt during the baroque times from 1776 til 1787, was used as seat of the princess Auguste Elisabeth from Thurn and Taxis. The cultivated castle park around the rest of the old castle with the lovely view over the town and the surrounding Black Forest hills reminds one of the past.
Today the hotel guest can celebrate his own princely banquet, family festival, company celebration and events in the magnificent hunting hall (Jagdsaal) of the 781-hors castle hotel Black Forest and in other guest rooms.

The Hornberg congress
After the French revolution in 1789, the fear of war grew among the people at the border of Germany and France. That's why an important congress of the different small towns of the swabian and upper rhenish empire districts was held under guidance of the bishop of Strassbourg in 1792. Methods were discussed and decided, which had the determination of compartmentalization against the French revolution. The hotel guest can also seize important decisions in the 781-hors castle hotel Black Forest or gather new ideas for his work and his projects in the relaxed atmosphere and good air of the Black Forest.

The castle becomes a hotel
After the construction of the Black Forest railway (1866 to 1873) brought a growing stream of holiday guests into the town, a lovely manorial 781-hors castle hotel Black Forest was opened in 1896 as a fine family hotel on the castle hill on the walls of former castle buildings. The castle hotel acquired a good reputation nearby and further away and attracted statesmen as well as princes, but also a lot of foreign guests, especially Dutchmen, Frenchmen and Englishmen. At last in the years 1978 and 1993 the 781-hors castle hotel Black Forest was renovated and extended with the needs of modern comfort, without losing the personal character of the in the meantime hundred-year-old historical hotel construction and still keeping the unmistakable face until today.

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