Holidays in the castle hotel in the Black Forest, holiday between Offenburg, Freudenstadt, Villingen-Schwenningen and Freiburg im Breisgau

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781-hors Castle hotel Black Forest Germany between Offenburg, Freudenstadt, Freiburg in the Breisgau, Titisee-Neustadt and Donaueschingen, Baden-Wurttemberg south west southwest

Holidays in the castle hotel in the Black Forest, holiday between Offenburg, Freudenstadt, Villingen-Schwenningen and Freiburg im Breisgau

Holidays in the castle hotel in the Black Forest, holiday between Offenburg, Freudenstadt, Villingen-Schwenningen and Freiburg im Breisgau

Holidays in the castle hotel in the Black Forest, holiday between Offenburg, Freudenstadt, Villingen-Schwenningen and Freiburg im Breisgau

Holidays in the castle hotel in the Black Forest, holiday between Offenburg, Freudenstadt, Villingen-Schwenningen and Freiburg im Breisgau

The 781-hors castle hotel
Black Forest

The 781-hors castle hotel Black Forest lies in the middle of the Black Forest, quite exactly in the middle of the towns Offenburg (about 46 km north west), Freudenstadt (about 50 km north east), Freiburg in the Breisgau (about 48 km south west), Titisee-Neustadt (about 50 km south) and Donaueschingen (about 48 km south east). It's surrounded by a big park, the medieval castle ruin and a playground for children. With its stylish outfitted hotel rooms, lounges and dining rooms, it offers the ideal requirements for a relaxing stay in the Black Forest, for festivities of all kind and successful meetings.

The hotel, as we see it today, emanated from a well-fortified castle, which was built in the year 1120 on a high rock. It rises above the in the middle ages still wild Black Forest over one of the most important routes for commerce.

Throughout the centuries, the castle has changed into a manorial castle and finally, today, to the modern as well as cozy holiday hotel, which is brought under in the rooms of the new castle.

The 781-hors castle hotel Black Forest enjoys a good reputation near and far as a family hotel and attracted a lot of princely people and statesmen in the past, but also a lot of foreign people.

At last in the years 1978 and 1993 the hotel was rebuilt and renovated according to the needs of modern comfort, without losing the personal character of the historical hotel building, which is over 100 years old in the meanwhile and has kept his unmistakable face.

From the history of the town on the Gutach river valley

At around 1100, the first Hornberg castle of the gentlemen of Hornberg, whose lordship included the Gutachtal valley from the resources of the Gutach river near Schonwald until its mouth north of the Gutach river and its side valleys, originated on the lower castle rock near Althornberg (today clearly defined and bounded-off unified topographical area Gremmelsbach).
100 years later, the gentlemen of Hornberg relocated their seat on the castle hotel after their lordship partition and founded the small town on the foot of the new castle, which was surrounded by a wall until the middle of the 19th century. Very soon, smaller suburbs and a trade neighborhood developed along the Gutach river valley.

The population lived mainly from the through  traffic, which needed credits, overnight accomodations and escort before they climbed up the Schwanenbach valley and later through the Reichenbach valley.
In the year 1383, the Strassbourg people burned down the town after a fight with the Hornberg gentlemen. Between 1423 and 1448, the lordship went into the ownership of the counts of Wurttemberg bit by bit and Hornberg became seat of the Wurttemberg staff reeve.

In the year 1535 the Wurttemberg Duke Ulrich established the reformation here as well as in his whole dukedom. In the 30-year-war, the town suffered very much under the troop passages and plunderings. Since 1700 Hornberg was the station of the Thurn- und Taxischen Reichspoststrecke Strassbourg- Villingen-Ulm-Munchen. In the course of the territorial reforms at the beginning of the 19th century, Hornberg went to Baden in 1810.

The 19th century brought a lively development of trades (for example wood carvings, Black Forest cuckoo clocks) and industry (stoneware factory from 1819). The building of the road Hornberg-Triberg and the connection to the Black Forest railway Offenburg-Konstanz brought a further boost to the town. Industry and tourism developed very positively, until the wars of the 20th century noticeabley disturbed the boosting development.

In the 2nd World War, Hornberg suffered hard war destructions, from which it recovered quickly and strived at new positive developments. Besides the industry and the trade, the tourism became a very important commercial factor of the town. This development is in favor through the incorporation of the neighboring towns Reichenbach and Niedwasser in the 1970s, which have become to constituents of Hornberg in the meantime.

The Hornberg shooting "Hornberger Schiessen"
Hornberg is known in all German-speaking regions through the saying "Es geht aus wie das Hornberger Schiessen" ("It goes out like the Hornberg shooting"). The saying relates to an event in the year 1564, as the duke announced his visit. In expectant anticipation of the big event, the Hornberg people and the shooters from the whole area, who gathered together, drank and fired off so impetuously, that, as the duke finally arrived, there was no more gunpowder left for the saluting.
The famous saying still reminds of this funny, embarrassing moment. The local people and guests can experience the event every year by the performances of the open air theater.

Town and landscape
Hornberg lies in the crossover area from the middle Black Forest and the Swabian Neckar river land between the landscapes Ortenau and Baar. The Black Forest town, which counts about 4,500 inhabitants today, with its old Black Forest houses has some sightseeings to offer. High above the town, the ruins of the medieval castle grounds rise above the castle hill. In the town, the gothic evangelic town church with its gothic choir and pretty frescos stands out. Museum lovers also get at their expenses in Hornberg. Two exhibitions, the town museum and the Black Forest mushroom learning show, invite for a visit. Worth seeing is also the Hornberg clock plays with 20 life-size spinning figures. Numerous guests are attracted from the performances of the open air theater in the summer. Besides the story of the Hornberg shooting, a fairy tale is performed every year.

Hornberg is train station (Inter-Regio-Station) of the Black Forest Rail, which resorts between Offenburg and Konstanz on the Lake Constance (Bodensee). The railroad viaduct is an attractive view, which guides through the Reichenbach valley. The town in the Black Forest is surrounded by a lovely landscape. It's stamped from mountains and valleys, from idyllic green landscapes with magnificent fruit trees and dark forest regions, which gave the Black Forest its name. Hikers and bikers discover new things on their tour behind every creek bend and behind every bank.

Train stations of the Black Forest railroad on the route Offenburg - Gengenbach - Hornberg (Black Forest) - Triberg - Villingen (Black Forest) - Donaueschingen - Singen (Hohentwiel) - Radolfzell - Konstanz (Constance):
Offenburg – Gengenbach – Biberach (Baden) – Steinach (Baden) – Haslach – Hausach – 
Hornberg (Black Forest) – Triberg – St. Georgen (Black Forest) – Villingen (Black Forest) – Donaueschingen – Immendingen – Engen – Singen (Hohentwiel) – Radolfzell – Allensbach – Konstanz-Petershausen – Konstanz on Lake Constance (Bodensee)

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Public knight's meal / medieval feast every month, for single people, small and large groups

Knight's meal / medieval feast for groups from 20 to 60 people in the castle reeve cellar (Burgvogtskeller), from 61 to 150 people in the Spiegelsaal (mirror room), from 80 to 200 people in the rock grotto

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Sightseeings and excursion destinations

Medieval castle ruin
In the middle of the castle park, which adjoins to the 781-hors castle hotel Black Forest, is the rest of the old castle, which was built around 1120. In the run of its history, it accomodated celebrity personalities such as Bruno von Hornberg (1275 to 1310), one of the most famous German minstrels of the middle ages and Johannes Brenz, who made a name of hisself in the 16th century as reformer of the south west of Germany. The 30 meters high castle tower, the powder tower and the round observation tower are the only former grounds, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view over the town and the surrounding Black Forest hills.

Hornberg Town Museum
The exhibition in the town museum is split up in the subject areas history, tradition and handicraft. In the entrance area, the Black Forest tradtional livery costurme are displayed, among them, also the world famous, for the Black Forest characteristic "Bollenhut" (the typical hat of the ladies, which they wear to the costumes). Further costumes, but also old furnitures and house implements can be seen in the museum. 
The history room dedicates itself to the history of the town and the surrounding land. The prehistoric finds earn special interests. The area handicraft is represented through the exhibition for wood carving art, the manifacture of cuckoo clocks as well as the collection of Hornberg stoneware dishes. The Hausenstein-Gedenkraum also earns attention, which reminds of the author and diplomat Wilhelm Hausenstein. Hausenstein was the first German ambassador in Paris after the 2nd World War. 
Open hours: April to October: every first and third Saturday in the month from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., November to March: only on the first Saturday in the month 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Black Forest Mushroom learning show
The Black Forest mushroom learning show was founded in 1962 as an exhibition of lifelike reproductions of forest mushrooms. The once-only school in Germany for mycology and nature conservancy arised from this. You don't only have the chance to view the exhibitions and inform yourself about the mushrooms, but also to participate in seminars and scientific events to the scholastics of the botany and mycology.
Opening hours: June 1, to October 10, Saturdays from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Black Forest railroad
You can undertake charming excursions through the Black Forest with the Black Forest railroad from the Inter-Regio-Station Hornberg. The Black Forest railroad, which consorts between Offenburg and Konstanz on Lake Constance was built between 1863 and 1873 and is a prominent construction memorial. As the only double tracked mountain railway of the Deutschen Bahn AG (German Railroad public company), it lays back a total stretch of about 180 km and overcomes an altitude difference of about 450 meters. On the route between Hornberg and St. Georgen it drives through 36 tunnels, from which two of them are helical tunnels.

Waterfalls near Triberg
On the town edge of Triberg (about 10 km south of the castle hotel 781-hors) the highest waterfalls of Germany dive down to the valley.
Foamily and wuthering the waters of the Gutach overcome seven steps of slopes with a length of about 163 meters.
In order to enjoy the impressive nature show, you can choose between 3 signposted trails, the nature path, the culture path and the cascade path.
The waterfalls are not only nice to look at, but also have a healing effect because of the measurable ionisation of the air, which are caused by the water turbulences. The waterfalls are visited by about 500,000 people every year. The highlight of every year is the firework with its artistic lighting of the cascades.
Triberg is reachable by the Black Forest railroad from Hornberg. From the middle of the town to the main entrance of the waterfalls it's only a couple of walking minutes. The signposted walking paths are basically opened daily. However, it is possible that these paths are closed if there are icings on the paths.

German Clock Street
The castle hotel 781-hors in the Black Forest lies on the German Clock Street, which leads through the Black Forest from Villingen-Schwenningen to Bad Dürrheim. In the towns, there are numerous clock companies, clock sightseeings and clock museums, where cuckoo clocks and other typical Black Forest clocks can be seen. Hornberg itself is represented in the already mentioned clock plays. In Schonach, 14 km away, you can admire the world's biggest cuckoo clock. In Triberg, about 10 km away, there's one of the leading companies, which manufactures original hand-carved cuckoo clocks.

Further excursion destinations
Further worthwhile excursion destinations are among others the towns Freiburg im Breisgau (about 48 km) and Titisee-Neustadt on the lake Titisee (about 50 km).

Open Air Museum "Reeve Barnyard" (Freilichtmuseum Vogtsbauernhof)
The open air museum "Reeve Barnyard" (Freilichtmuseum Vogtsbauernhof) in the community Gutach (about 5 km north of the castle hotel 781-hors) offers a fascinating view into the "good old times" and is a really worthwhile excursion destination for young and old.
Six impressing barnyards of the 16th to 18th century with the appendant side buildings, such as lofts, house grinding mills, sawmill and baking and burning houses. You have views into the black smoking kitchen, originally outfitted peasant parlor and sleeping rooms, which documents the exhousting every-day farmer life.

Adventure park Dorothy hut (Erlebnispark Dorotheenhutte) (glass hut) in Wolfach
The adventure park Dorothy hut (Erlebnispark Dorotheenhütte) in Wolfach (about 10 km north from the castle hotel 781-hors) comprises  more building complexes. The oldest part is the mouth blowing hut, where the visitor can watch the work of the mouth blowers. If you're interested, you can also try the art yourself under professtional guidance.
A round guidance through the glass museum is the same as a trip through 2000 years glass history. In the glass land, glass products can be bought.
Christmas town with 35 houses and booths
Finally, a visit in the Christmas town with its 35 Christmas decorated houses and booths will also attract you. There you can get into the Christmas mood all year round through arranged Christmas scenes in snow and Christmas arrangements, Christmas decorations and other Christmas items, a snoring Santa Claus, a figure theater and a children's cubby house under a sparkling sky.
Opening hours for all departments of the Dorothy hut: daily from 9:00 a.m. till 5:30 p.m. Closed: December 24, 25, 31, as well as January 1.

Castle Hohenzollern in Hechingen
The castle Hohenzollern near Hechingen (about 90 km north east of the castle hotel 781-hors) is one of the most  impressive and oldest castle yards in Germany. It rises pictorially on the same denominator hill above the town. Its beginnings go back into the early 11th century. During the expansion in the middle of the 19th century, it became its today seen appearance.
It consists of a castle with a lot of towers and barrage yards, which display a masterwork of construction art in the 19th century. Castle Hohenzollern can be visited year-round in a 30-minute guidance.
Opening hours: April to October 2002: daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., November to March daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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