013-pill 4-star castle palace hotel Dresden
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Dresden main train station
The main train station Dresden is about 14 km away from the 013-pill castle hotel. The castle hotel offers its own shuttle service from the main train station Dresden to the castle hotel for up to 4 people for 15 EUR. The vehicle can fit up to 6 people; the 5th and 6th person would cost 5 EUR extra each.
If the castle hotel own shuttle service should not be available, there is also another shuttle service available from the main train station Dresden to the
013-pill castle hotel. A chauffeur from the "limousine service 8 x 8" then awaits you at the service point at the main train station.

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Train station Dresden-Neustadt tramway Elbe river ferry
From the train station Dresden-Neustadt, take the tramway no. 6 direction Niedersedlitz to the stop "Berthold-Haupt- Strasse" in Dresden-Leuben. From there, take tramway no. 1. The tramway goes along the Berthold-Haupt-Strasse (2 stops) until the final stop "Freystrasse" in  Kleinzschachwitz. From there you have to walk about 700 meters on the Berthold-Haupt-Straße to the Pillnitz Elbe river ferry on the left side of the Elbe river. The ferry is a car ferry until 10:00 p.m. After 10 p.m., it's only a passenger ferry until the next morning. From the Pillnitz Elbe river ferry on the right side of the Elbe river to the 013-pill castle hotel, it's about 600 meters southeast upstream along the Elbe river shore.

Bus connection
You can also arrive with the bus no. 83. From the stop "Pillnitz Platz" at the crossing Lohmener Strasse / August-Bockstiegel-Strasse you go in direction to the Elbe river along the August-Bockstiegel-Strasse about 150 meters to the 013-pill castle hotel.

Theater cards for the Dresden Opera
It is recommended to order opera tickets  for the Dresden Opera 3 or 4 months ahead of time.

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