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Buffet Suggestions Buffets

Buffet suggestions buffets
for a number of a minimum of 25 people

Italian Buffet
Italian ham specialties
Parma ham and Coppa with juicy cantaloupe melon and ripe figs
From the Piemont: Vitello Tonato
(tender veal meat with tuna sauce)
Marinated fish bits
Grilled mediterran vegetables
Eggplant-mozzarellla rolls in basil tomatoes
Avocado-shrimp salad
Orange fennel salad
Penne salad with Pesto and roasted pine seeds
different salads
Noble Italian cheese varieties
Light basil cream foam soup
(on hot days Gazpacho)
Prawns in wrapped in zucchini
Juicy Piccata from turkey "Milan Art"
Saltimbocca "à la Romana" with Marsalla jus

Noodles with aromatic mushroom ragout
Ratatouille, rosemary potatoes, tomatoes
Panna cotta, Tranche from vanilla cream
cantaloupe melon basket filled with marinated
fruit salad
apricot cake

Rustical buffet
Small aspic tart
Honey cantaloupe melon with smoked ham
Stuffed  ham rolls
Terrine with
tomato chives vinaigrette
Pork mett hedgehog
Tomato mozzarella
Goulash soup with baguette
Smoked pork chop ham in thyme bread dough
Bread crumbs coated chicken breast
Pork back with herb crust
Suckling pork haunch with caraway beer sauce
Baked champignons
Summer vegetable pan
Potato celery au gratin
Cream cheese with bell peppers, chives, pepper
Camembert with mushrooms
Emmental cheese filled with Philadelphia cream cheese
Gorgonzola cheese with blue mold cheese
Stuffed pineapple with cheese salad
Smoked salmon filets with creamed horseradish
matjes tatar bits
Saxon potato salad
Fresh garden salads with different dressings
Noodle bell pepper salad
Noodle salad with Pesto and seafood
Homemade wild  fruit porridge with vanilla sauce
Fresh fruit salad
Two kinds of mousse au chocolat
Swans filled with light wine cream
apple pie and plum pie
onion bread, pumpkin bread, mixed bread
warm baguette bread with garlic butter
sesame bread rolls, grain bread rolls

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Menu suggestions dinner menus party Dresden

Buffet suggestions buffets Dresden hotel

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Buffet I

Cold meals
ox breast in shallots tomato vinaigrette
tomato salad with preserved mozzarella cheese
noodle salad with Pesto and seafood
choice of smoked fish
cantaloupe melon with country ham
curry cream soup
warm meals:
smoked pork chop on cream sauerkraut
Tortellini in sage butter and parmesan cheese
fried zander filet in riesling cream sauce
fresh fruit salad in Marashino
warm apple strudel with vanilla sauce
choice of international cheese with nuts and grapes

Buffet II

grilled tomato halves with cream cheese
pickle tartelettes with sophisticated dill
Antarctic Ocean shrimps
smoked and house pickled:
halibut slices, tranche from salmon
mackerels bits from the smoke,
cuts from ham specialties:
Black Forest fillet od smoked ham and nut ham
garnished with wine grapes, honey cantaloupe melon
crispy salad with sprouts, yogurt dressing and Balsamico dressing
creamy corn soup with croutons
(for hot days Gazpacho)
Poularden skewer with olives and bell peppers
pig filet strips fried with onions
and fresh herb mushrooms
Pochierte salmon tranches on cream spinach,
herb rice, dill potatoes and fresh market vegetables
nice curd cheese with lukewarm cherry ragout
yogurt cream with blackberry sauce
fresh fruit salad in a cantaloupe melon basket
light lemon cream in a glass

Light summer buffet

pastry according to art of the house with Cumberland sauce
smoked duck breast with
chicoree orange salad
Poularden liver parfait with wine apples
vegetable terrine "Tricolore"
Spanish Serano ham with
cantaloupe melon
grilled mediterran vegetables
beechen smoked book trout with
apple horseradish
salad with dressings of your choice
bean sprouts with carrots
white cabbage with pears
country bread and heath butter
Chinese vegetable flower soup
baked lamb haunch with thyme sauce and mushrooms
chicken breast in smoked ham mantle on creamy mashed potatoes
salmon medaillon on dill sauce
nut potatoes in herb butter
wild rice
colorful summer vegetables
cheese choice from the slat
yogurt terrine with fruit sauce
fresh fruit filets
three kinds of mousse au chocolat
apricots in wine jelly
fruits Etagere

Saxon Buffet

Saxon ox tongue marinated with parsley root vinaigrette on lense salad
Lausitz suckling pig aspic with fresh rosemary
Moritzburg deer terrine with boletus mushrooms and apple leek salad
rustical choice of black smoked and cooked ham
with fresh vegetables from the country
Saxon kipper fish variations with horseradish
potato bacon salad with fresh herbs, coleslaw, field salad and fresh lawn mushrooms
salad buffet with two different kinds of salads, herbs and dressings
potato soup with fresh marjoram
fried zander on Riesling cabbage and butter potatoes
Pillnitz forest mushrooms pan
stewed calf knackle with almond broccoli and scolloped hash browns leek au gratin
cheese from Saxon land with grapes
Lausitz curd cheese with sour cherries
salad from fresh fruits
chocolate pudding with stewed pears
grits with strawberry sauce

French buffet

choice of fine French pastries and terrines with Cumberland sauce
Bayonner ham with marinated artichockes and preserved tomatoes
duett from the Barbarie duck breast with marinated red wine figs
pheasant ballontine with filled quails and fresh fruits
Nizza salad, field salad with potato bacon dressing
clam salad "Provencial"
fresh salad with different kinds of dressings
Bouillabaisse from Marseille
milk lamb haunch, fried with fresh thyme twigs
Jakobs clams and fried king crabs in Safran sauce with boletus mushrooms, spinach leaves
stewed beef hip according to Burgunder Art
scalloped, filled vegetables, Ratatouille
wild rice, potatoes au gratin and Risolee potatoes
mousse from white dark chocolate
sour cherries in red wine sauce
caramel cream, prorated with fresh fruits
house made cake and Petits fours
French cheese from slat
bread choice and country butter

Festive gala buffet

Harmony from lobster, poached salmon and huge shrimps with asparagus tips
choice of fine pastries and terrines with Calvados apples and fruits
pink roasted deer back with Safran pears
meat and Parma ham with Grissini and cantaloupe melon boats
butterfly from smoked salmon, graved salmon and smoked halibut
Avocado shrimp salad, artichokes salad with quail eggs
noodle salad with black mushrooms, arrangement of fresh salad, thyme dressing, sherry vinegar dressing and almond Roquefort dressing
essence of fresh forest mushrooms with almond dumpling
pig meat strips with fresh cream chanterelles
grilled corn poularde
fried salmon filets, gratinated with pink pepper butter
monk fish ragout with lobster crabs and Safran
forest mushroom ragout, glaced vegetables, spinach leaves, castle potatoes, mixed wild rice and potato hashbrowns
Pyramid from exotic fruits
ice cream bomb "Baked Alaska" in a Baiser mantle
duett from mango- and chocolate mousse
berry terrine with chocolate mint sauce
Petits fours, Miniwindbeutel mit Sauerkirschgelee
cheese from France
choice from nut bread and sesame bread
salted butter

Menu suggestions dinner menus Dresden


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