Castle hotel in Mid Franconia between Rothenburg ob der Tauber and the rococo town Ansbach

915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia
Road map Castle Heilbronn bus Romantic Train Connection
Heidelberg Distances Rothenburg Tauber Feuchtwangen Dinkelsbuhl Nordlingen Erlangen Wurzburg Aalen Nuremberg Airport Bamberg Schweinfurt Coburg Ulm Ingolstadt Bayreuth Stuttgart Wirsberg Fulda Biberach Augsburg Karlsruhe Darmstadt Frankfurt Main River Reutlingen Suhl Leutkirch Hof Munich Landsberg Lech Wetzlar Ansbach Hotel Mid Franconia taxi

Road map no. 3 castle road distances

Road Map Frankfurt - Bayreuth - Muenchen 439-9,  2000-2002 WHO

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, about 18 km
Feuchtwangen, about 26 km
Dinkelsbuhl, about 37 km
Nordlingen, about 68 km
Erlangen, about 75 km
Wurzburg, about 80 km
Aalen, about 80 km
Nuremberg, about 83 km
airport Nuremberg, about 91 km
Bamberg, about 92 km
Schweinfurt, about 114 km
Heilbronn, about 115 km
741-lehe, about 116 km
912-veld, about 122 km
Coburg, about 142 km
638-roth, about 144 km
749-mich, about 146 km
Ulm, about 147 km
Ingolstadt, about 154 km
Bayreuth, about 156 km
Stuttgart, about 157 km
933-egge, about 158 km
964-hohe, about 174 km
Wirsberg, about 174 km
Fulda, about 176 km
Heidelberg, about 177 km
Biberach, about 184 km
963-laue, about 187 km
Augsburg, about 193 km
Karlsruhe, about 199 km
Darmstadt, about 199 km
airport Frankfurt on the Main River, about 201 km
Reutlingen, about 200 km
Suhl, about 201 km
Leutkirch, about 207 km
721-weit, about 210 km
Hof, about 211 km
airport Munich, about 222 km
Munich, about 230 km
Landsberg on the Lech river, about 240 km
Wetzlar, about 258 km
781-hors, about 276 km

From Heidelberg toAnsbach by train:
First, from the train station Heidelberg to the train station Stuttgart. Then from the train station Stuttgart to the train station Ansbach. Both distances together about 165 to 180 minutes (no direct train connection from Heidelberg to Ansbach available). The train station Ansbach is about 16 km away from the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia. you can take a bus or taxi from Ansbach to the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia.

Touring bus
There is a touring bus that starts in Heidelberg at about 8:00 a.m. and arrives in Rothenburg o. d. Tauber (about 18 km away from the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia) at about 1:30 p.m.

915-colm Castle hotel Mid Franconia between Nurnberg and Rothenburg o. d. Tauber

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