Castle hotel in Mid Franconia between Rothenburg ob der Tauber and the rococo town Ansbach

915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia
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Castle hotel in Mid Franconia between Rothenburg ob der Tauber and the rococo town Ansbach
Castle hotel in Mid Franconia between Rothenburg ob der Tauber and the rococo town Ansbach

915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia

The castle

The castle 915-colm is a very nice example for a medieval castle, whose upgrading construction continued until the 16th century. It is surrounded by several castle walls. A drive-up ramp on the east side guides through a gate from the 16th century. You finally reach the inner court yard through the subsequent gothic pointed arch gate with merlon crowning. Different buildings are located between the inner and outer wall, for example a horse stable from the 17th / 18th century, a bastion from the 16th century, a small baroque well house as well as a gothic baptismal font.

In the spacious inner courtyard you can find the palas from Romanic times. A three-story construction with a mighty hipped roof arises over two basements. On the upper floors, there is a gothic chapel and the knight's hall. The detail forms (balustrades, coffered ceiling) and the staircase, which is decorated with scrollwork, originate from the time around 1600. The accounts office, built in the 18th century, leans against the defense wall of the west side. The accounts office owns a saddleback roof construction with a half-timbered second floor. Its massive first floor can be tracked back to the medieval royal stables building. You can see the majolica coat of arms margrave Carl Friedrich. The court arbor  from the 16th century was attached to the donjon, which was constructed from mighty stone blocks.  There, the lord of the castle practiced low jurisdiction. .

History of the castle

The origin of the castle 915-colm supposedly reaches back to the 11th century. But the first written mentioning of the castle is from the year 1269 in connection with the naming of the two castle ladies Sophie and Gertrud in a council book of the town Rothenburg. One of the most important documents about the castle 915-colm is a contract from July 17, 1318, which confirms the sale of the castle 915-colm by the Count of Truhendingen at the price of 6200 pounds heller.

One year after the mentioned change of ownership in 1318 and twelve years before the Hohenzollern started to rule in Ansbach, King Ludwig turned the castle 915-colm as well as the town and neighboring town Leutershausen, which were Bavarian fiefs until then, into Imperial fiefs. The burgraves of Nuremberg were provided with that feud.
Since 1397, the Burgrave Friedrich IV, the founder of the late Prussian king house Hohenzollern, ruled the Ansbach land. He lived in the castle 915-colm in seclusion with his wife Elisabeth, also called "beautiful Else" Here, he made the long ranged decision to go to Hungary and support Emperor Sigismund against the Turks. In order to thank Sigismund, the Emperor assigned him with the Brandenburg March at the parliament in Constance in 1415. It was to be the core of the Prussian Empire in later times. Friedrich VI finally became elector in 1417.

The castle 915-colm had never been able to be taken, neither in the war of the cities in 1449 nor in the peasants' war in 1525 nor in following devastations of the small market town belonging to the castle 915-colm during the 30-years-war (1618-1648)  by Imperial troops.
In 1791 the castle and the town with the margrave tower Ansbach went to Prussia, in 1806 they became part of Bavaria. From 1806 until 1880 the castle was the seat of the accounts office of the Kingdom of Bavaria.
In 1880 the castle 915-colm became private property. From 1927 to 1964 it was owned by the last Imperial Consul in Japan Dr. Dr. h. c. E. A. Voretzsch. In 1964 the present owners bought the castle, arranged a castle hotel in its castle walls and and made it accessible for the public.

915-colm Castle hotel Mid Franconia between Nurnberg and Rothenburg o. d. Tauber

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Castle hotel in Mid Franconia between Rothenburg ob der Tauber and the rococo town Ansbach

Castle hotel in Mid Franconia between Rothenburg ob der Tauber and the rococo town Ansbach

Castle hotel in Mid Franconia between Rothenburg ob der Tauber and the rococo town Ansbach

The 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia

The 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia promises quietness and recovery to hotel guests.
Stylish outfitted hotel rooms (26 hotel rooms, 2 of them are single bedrooms, 22 double bedrooms and 2 suites) offer overnight stay possibilities with nice views. The rooms are partly furnished with historical, partly with modern furniture. All hotel rooms are non-smoking rooms.
The knight's hall, Franconian hall, margrave tavern and open  fireplace  room  offer space for up to 120 people and are suitable for celebrations and events of all kinds, such as weddings, family celebrations, company festivals, anniversary, jubilees, knight's mealsl and much more but also for meetings, seminars or conferences. Catholic and protestant marriages and baptisms  take place in the castle chapel, which was built in the 15th century

Castle hotel in Mid Franconia between Rothenburg ob der Tauber and the rococo town Ansbach
You can find relaxation in the romantic castle court yard, which invites to coffee and cake.

You will be expected in cozy atmosphere in the restaurant "Zur Remise" or in the castle tavern. Typical culinary tidbits from Franconia as well as own-hunted deer delicacies are offered as cuisines and from the wine cellar.

The 915-colm castle hotel   Mid Franconia has also thought of the little ones. There is a playground with swings, sandbox and see-saw around the 35 meters high donjon. The deer reserve, which belongs the castle, with red deer, fallow deer, bighorns, wild pigs, racoons and lots of other animals, invites to long walks.

Below the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia, there is a 9-hole golf course, in about 300 meters beeline distance. The golf course can also be seen from a couple of hotel rooms. You drive about 2 km with the car to the golf course.

Sightseeings and excursion trips

The town
The market place, named after the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia, is located right between the world famous town Rothenburg ob der Tauber River with its medieval old town and the rococo town Ansbach, in the middle of the nature park Frankenhohe (Franconia heights) in the upper Altmuhl river, about 1 km east of the Altmuhl River. It is also point of intersection of the Burgenstrasse (Castle Road) and Altmuhlweg (Altmuhl river path).

The community has a bit more than 2,000 residents with the town parts Auerbach, Bieg, Binzwangen (baroque church), Haslabronn, Kurzendorf, Meuchlein, Oberfelden, Oberhegenau, Poppenbach, Unterfelden and Unterhegenau. It was already prized once with the silver medal at the country competition "Our town is supposed to become prettier".

The town is overtopped by the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia. But there are also other, smaller sightseeings to discover such as the neat Franconian half-timbered houses, the parish church St. Ursula, the prehistoric Turmhugel (tower hill) at the street to Berndorf (about 1 km northwest of the town), the bee studies booth of the local beekeepers, where you can learn a lot about the behavior of those beneficial insects. The information computer also provides knowledge about the plants and animals in the nature park Frankenhohe (Franconia heights).

Rothenburg ob der Tauber River
The former free imperial town Rothenburg ob der Tauber River (about 18 km from the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia) belongs, without a doubt to the prettiest and most romantic towns in Germany. Every year, it attracts numerous guests from all over the world. The old town looms over the Tauber River like a medieval monument. Due to its impressive situation, Rothenburg has also gotten the name "Franconian Jerusalem". A walk through the alleys is like a walk through past centuries. You can pictorially experience the history  and omnipresent in all corners. The town with its rich half-timbered houses and the defense site has outlived the middle ages almost unchanged until present.

The city hall with the concilmen tap-room at the market place, the medieval town wall, which is roofed and walkable on a length of 2.5 km, the castle garden, the town church St. Jakob with the valuable Heilig-Blut-Altar (holy blood altar) from Tilman Riemenschneider, the fortress  church St. Wolfgang, the Franciscan church, the imperial town museum, the medieval criminal museum and the Christmas museum in the Christmas town belong to the greatest sightseeings.

Rococo town Ansbach
Ansbach (about 16 km from the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia), the district town and capital of the administrative region Mid Franconia, hardly corresponds to the current cliché of a Franconian colony with half-timbered houses and angled alleys. The town owns many rococo and baroque facades as well as hidden inner yards in renaissance style. The margrave castle with 27 magnificent civil rooms, a splendorous courtyard garden and the orangery, one of the  nicest and biggest garden castles in Southern Germany, is also worth visiting.

Further excursion trips
Further worthwhile excursion trips are, among others

  • Bad Windsheim (about 25 km from the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia) with its half-timbered houses and baroque houses in the center of the old town, its famous open air museum and the spa area
  • the festival town Feuchtwangen (about 26 km from the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia)
  • Dinkelsbuhl (about 37 km from the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia)
  • the medieval town Wolframs-Eschenbach (about 39 km from the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia), which was named after the minstrel Wolfram von Eschenbach
  • Nordlingen (about 68 km from the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia) with its almost round medieval town wall, numerous town towers as well as the very high church tower with a splendid panorama view
  • Wurzburg (about 80 km from the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia)
  • Nuremberg (about 83 km from the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia)

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