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The 741-lehe castle hotel Kocher-Neckar Rivers offers a menu card with weekly changing menus in the price range from about 26 EUR to 75 EUR (3 to 7 courses). Menus can also be individually composed from the offer on the menu card.

The castle at the Kocher River and the Neckar River in Bad Friedrichshall

Menu suggestions

Menu nouveau fou
Tempura of salted salmon, scampi, raukemayo, chili
Yellow mustard with pulpo
Mushrooms with braised vegetables from the oven with 6 herbs and schupfis
Gurnard with green peas, sweet-water shrimp
Stuffed poulard with pork-filet, tenderly braised 45 minutes in balsamico brew, potatoes, ruble
Milk cheese shish kebab with orange-olive mostarda
Cox orange with egg liqueur and fine greens

More menu suggestions coming soon.

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