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A stay in the 741-lehe castle hotel Kocher-Neckar Rivers is ideal for hiking trips, vacations or holidays.

The hiking possibilities in the surrounding of Bad Friedrichshall are very large. Well signed hiking trails lead over meadows and through shady forests.

There are easy and also more challenging hiking routes.

A forest studies path offers the possibility for interesting hikes.

If you would like to perform sportive activities, the "Trimm-Dich" path (gymnastics path) is recommendable.

For longer hikes, hiking maps from which you can select the corresponding maps for your routes, are recommendable

Maps are available at the tourist office Bad Friedrichshall.

Tennis courts court clubs club

If you are planning a tennis vacation, Bad Friedrichshall is the right place to stay.

You can find numerous open-air tennis courts there and a tennis hall.

The tennis courts are maintained by the tennis club Bad Friedrichshall.

The tennis club also offers well trained tennis teachers who offer tennis lessons for beginners and advancers.

A prior reservation for the tennis hall or an open-air tennis court is recommendable for guest players.

Contact address: Tennis club Bad Friedrichshall, Kocherwaldstrasse, 74177 Bad Friedrichshall, phone: +49 (0) 7136-5180 or +49 (0) 7136-6006

741-lehe castle hotel Kocher-Neckar rivers, Baden-Wurttemberg

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