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Golf belongs to the sports that have become quite popular in Germany. If you are plannig a golf vacation or a golf weekend, the 741-lehe castle hotel Kocher-Neckar Rivers is just the perfect place to stay at. The 741-lehe castle hotel Kocher-Neckar Rivers is not a golf hotel itself, but in the Funf-Muhlen-Tal (Five-Mills-Valley) near Bad Rappenau-Zimmerhof, there is an 18-hole golf course (about 11 km away from the 741-lehe castle hotel Kocher-Neckar Rivers), which is maintained by the golf club Bad Rappenau. Golf club and golf course are quite new. The club exists since 1989. In 1992, the 18-hole golf course was opened. The golf course is harmonically embedded into the hilly land of the region Kraichgau and it presents itself as a quiet zone with fruit fields, woods and biotopes. The golf course offers a charming round view from the Neckar River valley to the Lowensteiner mountains. The sloping position of some of the lanes is a special challenge for the golf player.

Arrival to the golf course per car

From Bad Friedrichshall, you drive over the federal road B 27 in northwest direction and you turn before Offenau over the Necker River bridge to Bad Wimpfen. In Bad Wimpfen, first you follow the Schiedstrasse until after about 1.2 km, you turn into the Rappenauer Strasse. After about 120 meters, turn right into the Uhlandstrasse, and after about 50 meters turn left into the Mathildenbadstrasse and after some more 50 meters, turn right into the Hohenstadter Strasse.
Now, drive straight ahead past Bad Wimpfen-Hohenstadt to Bad Rappenau-Zimmerhof. There, turn right into the Ehrenbergstrasse. After about 250 meters, turn left into the Funf-Muhlen-Tal (Five-Mills-Valley) and to the golf course. There is also a club house which is opened for club members and guests, which belongs to the golf course.

Offers golf school schools lesson lessons trainer teacher

The golf course of the golf club Bad Rappenau is also opened for guest players and not only for those who already have experience in the golf sport or who are member of a club. For guests who have never hit a golf ball, who would like to learn how to golf or who would like to improve their skills, golf trainers of the local golfing school offer golf lessons. There are for example golf get-to-know lessons and the so-called golf academy with 4-weeks intensive lessons. The golf lessons take place in small groups.

Contact address

  • Golf club Bad Rappenau, Ehrenbergstrasse 25, 74906 Bad Rappenau-Zimmerhof, phone: +49 (0) 7264-3666

Further golf courses and golf clubs in the surrounding area

  • Golf club Golfoase (golf oasis) Pfullinger Hof, 74193 Schwaigern-Stetten, 18-hole golf course (about 26 km southwest of the 741-lehe castle hotel Kocher-Neckar Rivers), phone: +49 (0) 7138-67 442
  • Golf club Neumagenheim, 9-hole golf course, 74289 Cleebronn (about 33 km southwest of the 741-lehe castle hotel Kocher-Neckar Rivers), phone: +49 (0) 7135-13 203
  • Golf club Sinsheim, Buchenauerhof 4, 74889 Sinsheim, 18-hole-golf course (about 34 km west of the 741-lehe castle hotel Kocher-Neckar Rivers), phone: +49 (0) 7265-7258
  • Golf and country club Liebenstein, 74380 Neckarwestheim, 18-hole golf course (about 34 km south of the 741-lehe castle hotel Kocher-Neckar Rivers), phone: +49 (0) 7133-98 780
  • Golf club Heilbronn-Hohenlohe, Hofgasse 12, 74639 Zweiflingen-Friedrichsruhe, 27-hole golf course (about 36 km east of the 741-lehe castle hotel Kocher-Neckar Rivers), phone: +49 (0) 7941-920 810
  • Golf club Kaiserhohe, Im Laber 4, 74747 Ravenstein-Merchingen, 18-hole golf course (about 37 km northeast of the 741-lehe castle hotel Kocher-Neckar Rivers), phone: +49 (0) 6297-399
  • Golf club Heidelberg-Lobenfeld, 18-hole golf course in Lobbach-Lobenfeld (about 40 km northwest of the 741-lehe castle hotel Kocher-Neckar Rivers), phone: +49 (0) 6226-952 110

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