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Canoe sport tour canoe hiking hike vacation on the Kocher River, Jagst River and Neckar River

For years, the canoeing sport has been becoming more and more popular. In order to go canoeing, you do not need a driver's license, but you should be able to swim. A canoe tour is possible in every weather. As rain protection, a rain cape is recommendable. Luggage and bags carried along should be stored in plastic bags. Clothing bags or barrels can be rented. Canoeing is healthy, romantic and eco friendly. Canoeing is comfortable if you call on the corresponding service. Canoeing is possible for singles, couples, cliques, families or clubs. On the rivers Kocher River, Jagst River and Necker River, individual and also guided canoeing tours and canoe hikes are possible.

Canoeing on the Kocher River

The Kocher River meanders through the Hohenloher Country in direction lower land to the Neckar River. It is lined by meadows, forests and wine terraces. On a canoeing tour, you can not only enjoy the charming countryside, but also the historical villages and towns along the river which are stamped by half-timbered houses. Numerous dams and shoots make the canoeing tour become an adventurous experience.

Canoeing tours on the Jagst River

The Jagst River is an idyllic river which has mostly been spared by replacement steps and remained close to nature. During the tour with the kayak or canoe, you can discover numerous bird species on the embankment of the river. At the same time, you can follow the traces of the Gotz von Berlichingen. Historical towns and domains of the "knight with the iron first" like Mockmuhl (farmer's war), Jagsthausen (birth) and the monastery Schontal (grave) are located directly at the river's shore.

Canoe trip on the Neckar River

The Necker River with its manageable shipping traffic is also ideal for the canoe sport. In its underflow, the river coils up in a valley which gets more and more narrow. Between Bad Friedrichshall and Heidelberg, there are not only charming shore landscapes, but also numerous castles and fortresses. On the way, you also pass by impressing dam- and watergate facilities.

Canoe rental

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