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Kelheim between the Altmuhl River and the Danube River

The district town Kelheim (about 23 km from the 933-egge castle hotel Altmuhl River valley) at the confluence of the Altmuhl River and the Danube River emerged from two ancient settlements from which one settlement was located at the Altmuhl River and the other one at the Danube River. Not until the 13th century, both towns were run under one name. In the 10. and 11. century, the Wittelsbacher people took over the leadership over Kelheim and chose the city to be their residence. But in the 13. century, the city was transferred to Landshut. Despite this, today, Kelheim is still presented in the glamor of a historical duke's town and it has many interesting sacral and profane buildings, for example the Liberation Hall on the Michelsberg hill to offer. The picture of the historical city center is stamped by medieval towers and gate facilities.

Liberation hall in Kelheim at the Altmuhl River and the Danube River

On the Michelsberg hill, the Liberation Hall, the landmark of the town, is being enthroned high above Kelheim. King Ludwig I. of Bavaria had the idea for this construction. He ordered the Liberation Hall to be built as a memento of the liberation war of the German states which terminated the dominance of Napoleon in Germany and Europe. King Ludwig I. chose Kelheim as the location because of its historical attachement to the early history of the Wittelsbacher people, but also because of the picturesque beauty of the Danube River and the Altmuhl River valley and the wonderful surrounding with its Jurassic slopes which reminded him of the landscape of his beloved Greece. The laying of the foundation stone took place in the year 1842. After some disruptions of the construction process, the Liberation Hall was ceremonially opened on October 18, 1863, just in time for the 50th anniversary of the battle of the nations at Leipzig.

The impressive construction of the Liberation Hall arises on a three-step socket. A representative open-air staircase leads to the entrance of the round dome. At the exterior wall of the first floor, there are 18 pillars which are crowned by 18 female statues. They symbolize the 18 German federal states which participated in the battle of the nations at Leipzig. On top of this, a column gallery leads around the second floor. From there, visitors can enjoy an incomparable view over the beautiful Danube River landscape.

The interior hall of the Liberation Hall is richly styled with marble and measures a height of about 45 meters and a diameter of almost 30 meters. The first floor is integrated through a niches row which makes up the background for the 34 larger-than-life victory goddesses made of white Carara-marble. They represent the 34 German states which existed after the end of the foreign rule of Napoleon. As a symbol of unity, they are all holding hands. There are always two statues holding a bronze plate with the names of the battles during the liberation wars.
Opening hours: April to September, daily 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., October to March, daily 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Danube River breakthrough at Kelheim at the Altmuhl River and the Danube River

Between the Weltenburg monastery (about 29 km from the 933-egge castle hotel Altmuhl River valley) and the city of Kelheim (about 23 km from the 933-egge castle hotel Altmuhl River valley), the Danube River has, in the course of time, paved its way through the Jurassic mountains and thereby formed a unique landscape. The narrow valley is called Danube River breakthrough. Interesting rock formations are partly rising vertically from the water. Due to their shape, those rocks have received names like "Kuchelfelsen" (Cake Rock), "Bayerischer Lowe" (Bavarian Lion), "Bischofsmutze" (Bishop's hat), "Zwei sich Kussende" (Two kissing), "Unverschamter Mann" (cheeky man) and many other names. The Danube River breakthrough is also natural protection area. It is especially charming to enjoy the Danube River breakthrough in the course of a boat cruise on which you can see the rock formations from direct closeness. From the middle of March until October, there are several passsenger boats cruising daily between Kelheim and Weltenburg. The cruise time from Kelheim to Weltenburg is about 40 minutes (Danube River upstream), the cruise time from Weltenburg to Kelheim is about 20 minutes (Danube River downstream).

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