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933-egge Schlosshotel Altmühltal Bayern Schloss Hotel Deutschland Niederbayern Luftkurort Riedenburg ca. 8 km, Dietfurt, Beilngries, Kelheim an Altmühl und Donau ca. 23 km, Ingolstadt an der Donau ca. 46 km, Regensburg an der Donau ca. 55 km, Landshut ca. 86 km, Nürnberg ca. 95 km, Straubing ca. 96 km, Donauwörth ca. 108 km, München ca. 122 km, Rothenburg ob der Tauber ca. 174 km

Golfing vacation vacations weekend weekends golf course courses

Golf belongs to the sports that have become quite popular in Germany.
If you are planning golf vacations or a golf weekend, you will find numerous golf courses in the circumference of  39 km and 72 km around the 933-egge castle hotel Altmuhl River valley.

The closest golf course is the 9-hole golfing facility of the golf club Bad Gogging (about 39 km southeast of the 933-egge castle hotel Altmuhl River valley). In addition to the 9-hole facility, there is also a largely constructed training course which satisfies all the wishes of those players who would like to train their skills. The golf course is directed by the team of the golf academy Bad Abbach which offers golf lessons and golf-get-to-know classes in Bad Gogging.

Contact address: Golf club and country club Bad Gogging e.V., Heiligenstatter Strasse, 93333 Bad Gogging, phone: +49 (0) 171-9528010,
fax +49 (0) 171-958444

About 40 km east of the 933-egge castle hotel Altmuhl River valley, near the esate Gut Deutenhof, there is the golf facility Bad Abbach which has a 18-hole golf course and a 9-hole short course. The 18-hole golf course is venue of large golf events. It is not only used for golf tournaments but it is also open for guests who have a handicap of at least 54 (Hcp 54). On Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays, advance sign up is necessary. Golf lessons or golf classes are not offered.

The golf course in Bad Abbach is located on a slighly hilly area in a scenically charming surrounding. Because of its topography and the positions of the golf balls, the skilled golf player has to use a lot of technique. But also the average players will not become desperate either at this golf course.

Contact address: Golf facility Bad Abbach, estate Gut Deutenhof, 93077 Bad Abbach, phone: +49 (0) 9405-95320, fax: +49 (0) 9405-953219

Other golf courses and golf clubs in the surrounding area

  • Golf club Ingolstadt, Gerolfinger Strasse, 85049 Ingolstadt (about 46 km southwest of the 933-egge castle hotel Altmuhl River valley), phone: +49 (0) 841-85778, fax: +49 (0) 841-85220
    The golf course of the golfing club Ingolstadt has 18 holes. It is located in the eastern part of the city in a flat landscape. Its special character are the numerous water barriers so that the golf players have to be careful that their golf balls will not land in one of the creeks or ponds.
  • Golf club Regensburg-Sinzig, Am Minoritenhof 1, 93161 Sinzig (about 48 km east of the 933-egge castle hotel Altmuhl River valley), phone: +49 (0) 941-32504, fax: +49 (0) 941-36299
    The golf course Regensburg-Sinzig maintains its 18-holes golf course about 12 km east of Regensburg. The facility is not used by club members only, it is also open for guest players. The alleys are located in the middle of a slightly wavy forest landscape with an old tree poplation. About 300 m away from the golf facility, there is a golf hotel.
  • Golf club Holledau e.V., Weihern 3, 84104 Rudelzhausen (about 66 km east of the 933-egge castle hotel Altmuhl River valley), phone: +49 (0) 8756-96010, fax: +49 (0) 8756-1482, e-mail:
    The 18-holes golf course is harmonically embedded in the typical landscape which is stamped by many hop gardens. Deep green forests, blooming meadows, gentle creeks, ponds and biotopes can be enjoyed by the golf players while golfing. Due to the hilly formation of the course, a good golf technique is required from the golf players. Guests are welcome. An advance sign up is necessary.
  • Golf club and country club Regensburg e.V., hunting castle Thiergarten, 93177 Altenthann (about 72 km east of the castle hotel Altmuhl River valley), phone: +49 (0) 9403-505, fax: +49 (0) 9403-4391
    The golf course contains clear, but not too wide golf alleys. Guests are welcome. An advance sign up is necessary.
  • Golf club Landshut e.V., Oberlippach 2, 84095 Furth near Landshut (about 72 km southeast of the 933-egge castle hotel Altmuhl River valley), phone: +49 (0) 8704-8378
    The 18-holes golf course in Furth near Landshut is not playable for everybody. But in addition to the club members, also golfers of approved golfing clubs are welcome as well. In order to play golf on this course, a registered handicap of 36 and the presentation of the club identification card are required. For amateurs and people interested in playing golf, a golf trainer and teachers of the golf club Landshut offer golf lessons and classes. A golf class takes about 2 lessons.



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