532-rame castle hotel Bonn Germany
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532-rame castle hotel Bonn Germany

The 532-rame castle hotel Bonn has 18 comfortable outfitted hotel rooms. The 532-rame castle hotel Bonn is located in a town part of Bonn on the right Rhine river side between Siebengebirge and Rhine River. It is located in a backwards laid former inn building of a previous comer of the German knight's order. The way leads from the hotel's own big parking lot in front of the building through an open gate into the castle courtyard, which is decorated by a nice sand stone well. The former inn buildings with the hotel outfittings form a u-shaped apparatus on the left side.

532-rame-241_01,  2001The 532-rame castle hotel Bonn has 18 comfortable outfitted hotel rooms. Some of the big double bedrooms offer a nice view towards Bonn and, if the weather is nice, also towards Koln / Cologne. A restaurant also belongs to the castle hotel, which has a capacity of up to 40 people. International dishes are offered. The restaurant is opened daily besides Tuesdays from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and Sundays additionally from 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Tuesdays is day-off. In addition to that, the castle hotel also has rooms for festive dinners for up to 85 people and for receptions for up to 200 people. A conference room for 10 to 25 meeting participants for conferences, seminars and meetings is available.

The former comer

The 532-rame castle hotel Bonn has 18 comfortable outfitted hotel rooms. The history of the town Bonn and its surrounding was appointed for a long time through the presence of the German knight's order. The fraternity developped to an important landlord of the region already in the 13th century. Besides the other establishments in the Bonn area, it also had a comer (governmental and administerial seat) on the right Rhine River side in a present town part of Bonn, where a knight's orden resided for over 600 years until the secularisation in the 17th and 18th century, the comer was a stepping stone for careers of many a young orden knights at the orden itself or in service of other powers.

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The 532-rame castle hotel Bonn has 18 comfortable outfitted hotel rooms. The German orden comer was founded around 1220. In the 18th century, a baroque new building came into being under the master of the German orden and elector Clemens August. It owes its present appearance to a new gothic sheathing in the 19th century. In the course of this measure, the site was also extended through towers and inn buildings, where the present 532-rame castle hotel Bonn is hosted. The original free standing portal with the pedestrian gate was kept from the period of promoterism of the comer. The former chapel found a new home on the old cemetary in Bonn in 1846. Wonderful historical rooms decorate the interior of the comer. Besides the castle hotel, it also houses an antique shop and a furniture museum in the main building. The interior rooms of the main building can be viewed.

The town part between Siebengebirge and Rhine River

The town part of Bonn where you can find the 532-rame castle hotel Bonn, is located on the right Rhine River side, counts about 1,500 residents and belongs to the urban district Bonn-Beuel. It stretches to the south of the town parts Beuel-Mitte and Limperich between Siebengebirge and Rhine River. Because the town is so close to the Rheinaue and the nature park Ennert, it has a high free time value. One of the town's landmarks of the town part is the German fraternity comer.

Excursion destinations sightseeings

In Bonn, there are numerous sightseeings to see, among others castles, villas and churches. Numerous museums emphasize the pretense of the former main town as culture town.

Southeast of Bonn the Siebengebirge attracts with its charming landscape and its attractions.

Koln / Cologne cathedral
Koln / Cologne (about 26 km north from the 532-rame castle hotel Bonn) is the fourth largest town in Germany with about 1 million residents. Its 2,000-year-old history is reflected in numerous construction monument. The most well-known construction and the landmark of the town on the Rhine River is the Cologne / Koln cathedral. It overtops the roofs of the old town with its 157 meters high towers. The impressive master work of the high gothic is centrally located between the main train station and the Roman-Germanic Museum. The cathedral is admired by about 2.5 million visitors yearly. The highlight of the cathedral is the magnificent golden sarcophagus with the bones of the holy three kings.

Castle Augustusburg in Bruhl (World Heritage Site)
In Bruhl (about 33 km northwest of the 532-rame castle hotel Bonn) is the castle Augustusburg, the most significant castle in the Rhineland. This masterwork of the rococo was built in the first half of the 18th century under the Cologne / Koln electors and archbishop Clemens August from Wittelsbach (1700 to 1761) on the ruins of a water castle that was busted in 1689. Well-known architects and artists took part in the design of the castle, among these also Balthasar Neumann from Wurzburg. In 1984 the castle Augustusburg was upraised together with the castle Falkenlust and the Bruhler Gardens from the UNESCO to a World Heritage Site.

Phantasialand near Bruhl
At the intersection of the freeway A 555 and the hightway B 51 near Bruhl there is the  Phantasialand, (about  35 km northwest from the 532-rame castle hotel Bonn) , one of the largest amusement parks in Germany. The Phantasialand is known for its abundance amount of diversified attractions and shows.

The world famous Nurburgring is located  between Adenau and Nurburg in the Eifel mountains (about 55 km south of the 532-rame castle hotel Bonn). Not only the motor sport of the top class, the longest racetrack of the world also attracts with a rich event program and numerous offers for young and old. It is a special challenge for a lot of people to master the 20.8 km long stretch of the north curve with the own car or with the own motorcycle.


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