Museum Museums Bonn Germany Rhine River

Museum Museums Bonn Germany Rhine River

The former federal capital Bonn provides a various cultural offer to visitors. Especially museum lovers will find many interesting places to go. For friends of  Ludwig van Beethoven and his music, a visit to the birth house of the composer is a must.

Bonn museum mile
The museum mile Bonn is a unique culture ensemble from five different museums in the area of the Adenauer-Allee (alley) and Friedrich-Ebert-Allee (alley).
The art- and exhibition hall of the Federal Republic of Germany dedicates itself to the fine visual arts, the culture history as well as the areas equipment and science. Among others, concerts and theater performances take place in the forum, on the roof garden and the museums place.
Expressionistic works are the main focus of the exhibition of the art museum Bonn. It is internationally known for its high standard collections.
The German history of the postwar period until the present is the content of the house of history of the Federal Republic of Germany. With the help of documentations, pictures and gives information on aspects of political history, economic history, social history, culture history and everyday life history.
The German Museum Bonn is the first museum for contemporary research.
The Zoological Institute and Museum Alexander Koenig is one of the three biggest German nature study museums. It wakes the interest of the visitors for the variety of the animal world and the way of living of the different species with more than 3,000 exhibits.

Beethoven house
The Beethoven house in the Bonngasse 20 is the birth house of the big pianist and composer Ludwig van Beethoven. He was born there in the year 1770. In 1792 he left his home town and moved to Vienna, where he received piano and music lessons from Joseph Haydn. In 1815, Beethoven performed as a solo pianist for the last time. In 1824, his 9th symphony was originally performed. He died three years later at the age of 56 years in Vienna.

The Beethoven house is the only obtained living house of the family Beethoven. In 1889, a newly founded club prevented the demolition of the building. After a restauration, the club arranged the house as a museum. Today the house hosts the largest Beethoven collection in the world. Among other things, paintings and portraits, his hand-written letters and music notes, first prints of important works as well as music instruments, among these also the last grand piano from Beethoven, and articles from his personal use belong to the exhibits. They give the impression of the personality of the composer, his thinking and acts. The birth room can also be visited. In honor of the great son of the town Bonn, a monument of Beethoven was also placed on the Munsterplatz square  in 1845.

Further museums in Bonn
Besides the already mentioned museums, Bonn also invites to numerous other visits, among others the Rhenish State Museum, the Academical Art Museum, the Women's Museum, the Town Museum Bonn and the Museum of Local History Bonn-Beuel.
The distance from the 532-rame castle hotel Bonn to the downtown of Bonn is about 7 km.

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Museum Museums Bonn Germany Rhine River

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