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The nature park protection area Siebengebirge with its charming landscape begins practically "in front of the house door" of the 532-rame castle hotel Bonn. The Siebengebirge is ideal for hiking holidays, trips or a vacation. It is  enclosed by a hiking path net with a total length of about 200 km, which is almost completely blocked for car traffic. The hiking paths lead through shadowed forests, but also enable wonderful views towards the Rhine River valley, the Eifel mountains and the Westerwald forest. Numerous parking lots and protection huts invite the hikers to have a break and relax. A forest learning path teaches about the local animal species and plant species that live in the Siebengebirge. There are a lot of hiking trails in such a hilly landscape such as the Siebengebirge, where there are a lot of altitude differences that have to be overcomed and so they request a good condition. Corresponding hiking equipment is recommended. If you plan longer hikes, you should get a hiking map for the Siebengebirge.

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If you are planning a bike tour, you will find biking trails that are quite easy to bike on as well as more sophisticated routes on the right and left side of the Rhine River. There are quite comfortable routes through the rhenish bay, which are also ideal for children and families. But there are also bike trails, which require a certain body fitness. Especially the water castle route for longer bicycle tours is recommended. It leads along the north Eifel mountains edge with a total distance of 365 km through the charming landscape with numerous culture treasures and the region with the most water castles within the culture triangle Bonn-Koln-Aachen. Most of the stretches of the watercastle routes are almost even. There are only a couple of acclivities near Bonn. Every biker has the possibility to plan an individual day trip (or maybe even for several days).

Swimming pool sport school lesson lessons bathing
On hot days, the guests of the 532-rame castle hotel Bonn can cool down in the Roman bath in the north of Bonn. The open air swimming pool lies in quiet surrounding near the Rhine River. The swimming pool has different kinds of pools, a swimmer pool, a non-swimmer pool, a diving pool and a wave pool. Water ball sports are also allowed in the wave pool. A 1 meter and two 3 meter diving boards as well as a 5 meter and a 10 meter platform belong to the diving site. Besides the big water area, the Roman bath also the possibility of sports activities on land on the lawns.

The Frankenbad (franconian bath) attracts people on colder days. The indoor swimming pool has diving sites, a sport pool, a multipurpose pool and a learning pool, where children and non-swimmers can learn to swim resp. improve their swimming resp. breast swimming and other swimming sports. The Frankenbad was also already several setting of international swimming competitions. Up to 400 people can find place on the stands of the Frankenbad.

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The third swimming pool in Bonn is in the town part Bonn-Duisdorf on the Hardtberg hill (about 10 km west from the 532-rame castle hotel Bonn). The Hardtberg bath is a combination bath with swimming hall and outdoor swimming pool. The highest swimming pool of Bonn offers a far view to the towers of the Cologne / Koln Dom during good weather. Besides the different pools and a diving site it also has the attraction of a water slide with a length of 33 meters.

Horseback Riding holidays fun
If you want to discover the charming landscape of the nature park Siebengebirge, you do not necessarily have to walk. There are several horseback riding paths that lead through the Siebengebirge, which are ideal for smaller trips, but also for longer ones.
The next riding yard is in Bonn-Beuel (about 4 km from the 532-rame castle hotel Bonn). The riding yard is also a riding school. Amateurs in the riding sport can take riding lessons here by a riding teacher.
There are further riding yards in the urban town area from Bonn on the left Rhine River side among others in Bonn-Rungsdorf (about 7 km from the 532-rame castle hotel Bonn) and in Bonn-Mehlem (about 10 km from the  532-rame castle hotel Bonn).
In Niederkassel between Bonn and Cologne / Koln (about 21 km north from the 532-rame castle hotel Bonn) there is a riding stable, which does not only offer classical riding lessons, but also western riding. You will ride either on the riding place or on the bordering fields.

Tennis court
In Bonn-Beuel (about 4 km from the 532-rame castle hotel Bonn) there are several club-own tennis courts, where guest players can play tennis, too. But not only outer tennis courts belong to it, but also a tennis hall. Of course, there are more tennis courts in the rest of the town area of Bonn.

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