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hunt castle hotel in rheingau in ruedesheim am mittelrhein

653-jagd 4-star castle hotel
Rhinegau / Rheingau
near Rudesheim on Rhine river

Experience hospitality new – that's the motto of the tradtional 653-jagd castle hotel Rhinegau / Rheingau on the Rhine hills above Rudesheim (about 5 km away). The hotel enthrones high above the pretty Rhine river in the middle of the nature park Niederwald forest in the Rhinegau / Rheingau in Hesse. The quiet and scenically charming situation and the special ambience of a former nobel seat offers the best conditions for a relaxing vacation.

Castle history

The 653-jagd castle hotel Rhinegau / Rheingau has its beginnings from a Lehenshof (tenure courtyard) from the 15th century from the trutzigen castle Ehrenfels at the Bingen Loch (hole). It was acquired in 1705 from the Mainz prince bishop, who reigned the Rhinegau / Rheingau politically, for the family of the counts of Ostein, the chamberlains.

On the property, which is only for agricultural use, the present main building was built into a hunting castle at about 1764 from Maximilian of Ostein. In 1835 the dukes of Nassau took over the manor and began - in consideration of the natural realities - to arrange the Niederwald forest to a park and hereby laid the foundation for the present nature park Rhinegau / Rheingau lower Taunus mountains in Hesse.

4 star castle hote lRhinegau Rheingau near Rudesheim on Rhine river

In the middle of the 18th century, the hunting castle as well as wide parts of the present federal state Hesse became Prussian. Already from these days it can be read in the old tourist guides that golden wine from the Rhinegau / Rheingau and red wine from Assmannshausen (about 3 km from the 653-jagd castle hotel Rhinegau / Rheingau), a part town of Rudesheim, was served. Dishes were also served.

The main building - in the meantime public ownership of the state Hesse - became a robbery of the flames in 1925. Until 1929 it was rebuilt according to old plans and extended with the first thoughts of use as a hostel. Before the 2nd World War it was a contemplative family holiday hotel, a Army Surgical Hospital during the war and after that a free time center for American officers.

After the war, the hunting castle hotel even became birthplace of the present German fundamental law. In 1948, the German prime minister Konrad Adenauer and the pime ministers of the German states held a meeting here in the green hall in the quietness, but also during a good Rhinegau / Rheingau wine, in order to initiate new developments in the democratic Germany.

In the middle of the 1960s the agriculture was rented and the state Hesse started to rebuild the castle into a hotel and change it into a town of high hopitality step by step.

Viewpoint vineyard Niederwald forest hiking

The view points in the Niederwald forest offer terrific views towards the Rhine river valley, the rock reefs in the Bingen Loch (hole), the Nahe river mouth near Bingen (opposite of Rudesheim) and the lovely wine landscape in the Rhinegau / Rheingau. Vineyards and vast forests invite to walks and hikings.


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653-jagd-rheinblick-290_01.jpg (20939 Byte)Rudesheim on Rhine river

The town Rudesheim (about 5 km from the 653-jagd castle hotel Rhinegau / Rheingau) lies on the right Rhine river side, where the Rhine river leaves the Rhinegau / Rheingau behind itself and enters the middle Rhine river valley between the Taunus mountains and the Hunsruck mountains. It's scenically charming situation lies on the foot of Niederwald forest, the medieval town wall, the narrow streets and alleys, the romantic half-timbered houses, the magnificent nobel courts and vine dresser courts, the medieval castles, but also the rhenish cheerfulness have brought in their international reputation and have let it become a big touristic attraction in Germany.
The most significant sightseeings and attractions are the Niederwald monument, the eagle tower, the Niederburg or the Bromserburg, where the Rhinegau / Rheingau wine museum is, the Oberburg or Boosenburg, the ruin Ehrenfels, the minister church St. Jakobus at the market place, the Klunkhardshof (courtyard) and last but not least the most famous alley of the world, the Drosselgasse. Assmannshausen, Eibingen, Aulhausen and Presberg also belong to Rudesheim, whereby the red wine town Assmannshausen is probably the most well-known. It lies directly at the Rhine river banks, about 2 km downstream of Rudesheim.

Sightseeings and excursions

World Heritage Site middle Rhine river valley
The middle Rhine river valley between Rudesheim / Bingen on the Rhine river and Koblenz / Coblence at the meeting of the Rhine river and Mosel / Moselle river has been registered as a special guarded culture landscape from the Unesco-World-Heritage-committee in Budapest. The official title, where you can find the middle Rhine river valley on the Unesco-World-Heritage list is "Unesco-World-Heritage culture landscape upper middle Rhine river valley". With its unique river landscape, the picturesque towns, the medieval castles and the Lorelei rock, the middle Rhine river valley offers numerous lovely excursion possibilities.

Niederwald monument and eagle observatory near Rudesheim on the Rhine river
The shortest way to reach the Niederwald monument from the 653-jagd castle hotel Rhinegau / Rheingau is through the Niederwald forest (about 1 km Rhine river upstream).  A hiking over the hiking trail directly at the edge of the Rhine river slopes (about 1.5 km Rhine river upstream), which offers impressive panorama views towards the Rhine river valley, is especially charming.
The Niederwald monument was built between 1877 to 1883 after the end of the German-French war as a reminder of the foundation of the German empire. The Germania with the imperial German crown thrones as the guard on the high plinth over the Rhine river. The Niederwald monument is 37.6 meters high. The Germania has a height of 10.55 meters.
A cable car railway leads from the Niederwald monument to Rudesheim (about 5 km away from the 653-jagd castle hotel Rhinegau / Rheingau) and a chair lift leads to the red wine town Assmannshausen (about 3 km away from the 653-jagd castle hotel Rhinegau / Rheingau). 
Besides the Niederwald monument, there's also an eagle observatory in direction of the forest with lots of raptors. Visitation possible daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Drosselgasse alley in Rudesheim on the Rhine river
The most famous alley of the world, the Drosselgasse in Rudesheim (about 5 km away from the 653-jagd castle hotel Rhinegau / Rheingau) with cobblestone pavement and half-timbered houses as well as wine taverns upon wine taverns, attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. The rhenish wine taverns, wine cellars, dance locations and well-known good mood locations offer live music bands, musical entertainment, dance, colorful goings and rhenish evenings from April to the beginning of November from the late morning to way past midnight. Of course you can also buy several gift items and souvenirs (gemstones, wine, etc.).

Rhinegau / Rheingau wine museum in the Bromserburg in Rudesheim on the Rhine river
The Rhinegau / Rheingau wine museum is in the Bromserburg in Rudesheim (about 5 km away from the 653-jagd castle hotel Rhinegau / Rheingau) on the Rhine river banks, where the Mainz archbishops and electors have sat for wine tasting. A walk through the museum equals a trip in the history of wine and the Rhinegau / Rheingau.
One of the oldest wine-related collections of the world, but also archeological objects from pre-history times and early-history times as well as local historical and geographical exhibits are harbored in 12 rooms. A fossils and mineral collection exemplifies the fact that the Rhinegau / Rheingau was once a primal sea. The guest books of the imperial counts from Ingelheim from 1813 are also worth a glimpse, where numerous notably worth mentioning guests have eternalized themselves, such as Goethe in the year 1814.
One room on the Bromserburg with Rhine river view, the so-called Rhinegau / Rheingau room, can also be used as a marriage room for marriages in a registry office. It offers room for about 45 to 50 people.
Opening hours of the wine museum: mid March til mid November daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
In the winter months only group guidances from about 20 people upon request, upon request also with wine tasting.
Phone from Germany: 06722 2348
Phone from outside Germany: + 49 6722 2348

Lorelei rock near St. Goarshausen on the Rhine river
An worthwhile excursion is the legendary Lorelei rock (about 26 km Rhine river downstream of the 653-jagd castle hotel Rhinegau / Rheingau) near St. Goarshausen on the middle Rhine river (about 28 km Rhine river downstream of the 653-jagd castle hotel Rhinegau / Rheingau). The Lorelei rock lies on the west edge of the Taunus rock and looms abrupt into the Rhine river valley. With 132 meters it rises almost vertically out of the river. The Rhine river narrows down to a width of about 200 meters at the Lorelei rock. At the same time, it's the deepest part of the Rhine river with about 25 meters.

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