4-star superior castle hotel Lake Edersee

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4-star superior castle hotel Lake Edersee

4-star superior castle hotel Lake Edersee
Castle terrace

345-wald 4-star superior castle hotel Lake Edersee in Hesse

The castle at lake Edersee

The 345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee in North Hesse pictorially thrones on a rock 200 meters above the Eder River valley. The castle has its origin in a castle facility of the 12th century. The knight's gender of Waldeck was first documentary mentioned in 1180. According to the legend, it is supposed to have received its name after a knight, together with his attendants, climbed up the Eder River valley in order to try to find a suitable place to build a castle. A person who was familiar with the place, is said to have shown him the wooded hill above the Edersee lake and he is supposed to have given him the advice to build the castle at the "Wald-Ecke" (forest corner).

The facility was residence of the knights and later of the counts gender until about the middle of the 17th century. After that, it had several different owners and was used, among others, as a court seat, armory, fruit shed and forester's house. Today, the castle hosts a castle museum and a castle hotel with different restaurants. The present castle buildings predominantly originate from the 16th century. They border a trapeze-shaped inner castle courtyard.

Castle hotel Lake Edersee

4-star superior castle hotel Lake EderseeThe 345-wald castle hotel Lake Edersee in North Hesse offers not only quietness and relaxation to its hotel guests, but also the possibility to celebrate in merry companionship. The hotel has different sized rooms, which are ideal for celebrations such as wedding celebrations, birthday parties, jubilees, anniversaries, etc. as well as for meetings and conferences.

You will spend the night in a stylish furnished room or in a suite, which are all furnished with satellite TV, telephone, mini bar, shower and private toilet. So, despite the old walls of the castle, the guest does not have to do without cozy comfort. Many of the rooms have views towards the lake Edersee.

You can also enjoy a beautiful view towards the lake Edersee from the terrace, for example with a cup of coffee. The gastronomy of the 345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee does not only offer the dishes of the terrace café. You can dine excellent in one of the restaurants, in the Panorama restaurant and in the restaurant "Alte Turmuhr" ("old tower clock").

345-wald 4-star superior castle hotel Lake Edersee, Hesse Hessen Germany

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4-star superior castle hotel Lake Edersee
Reception / Lobby

4-star superior castle hotel Lake Edersee
Restaurant "Alte Turmuhr" (Old tower clock)

4-star superior castle hotel Lake Edersee

4-star superior castle hotel Lake Edersee
Hotel bar

Castle festival
A medieval castle festival takes place on the castle 345-wald every year during the summer . Knights, craftsmen, troubadours, minnesingers, performers and other folks beleaguer the castle courtyard. The medieval spectacle attracts numerous visitors every year.

Town and surrounding
The town is put together by 10 town parts and counts a total of about 8000 residents. It has kept its rural character until today. It is located  in a predominantly for agriculture and foresting used low mountain range landscape in North Hesse. The southern town area borders the Eder river valley blockade, which was built in the beginning of this century, so that the tourism has also developed to be very extensive in this region.

Marriages in a civil registry office and church weddings
Civil registry marriages are possible in the 345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee. They take place in the wedding room "Edersee". The wedding room has about 12 to 15 seating places.
Church weddings take place in the protestant town church (about 500 meters from the
345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee).

Sightseeing and excursion trip

Castle museum in the castle

You should not miss the opportunity to visit the castle museum during your stay in the 345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee. The museum vividly tells about the changeful history of the present castle. A sightseeing is possible with or without guidance. It is opened daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Easter until the end of October.

Lake Edersee
The lake Edersee in Hesse below the 345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee is a man-made lake, which is bordered by a dam that is 400 meters long and 47 meters high. It is fed by the Eder River, a tributary stream of the Fulda River. Because of its scenically charming location, the 27 km long lake has been an attraction for people on vacation and nature lovers during all times. It offers possibilities for almost all kinds of water sports such as fishing, bathing, sailing, surfing or boat trips.

Cavitary power plant
The construction of several water power plants took place one after the other for the extraction of electricity, after the composition of the Eder River valley blockade. A pumped-storage power station is especially worth a visit. Its generators are installed in a cavitary, a man-made cave in the hill. It is worth a visit.

Wildlife game preserve park with ornithological birds of prey station at the lake Edersee
The wildlife game preserve park, which is about 80 hectares big (about 10 km southwest of the 345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee), offers wildlife habitats for different endangered animal species (among others deer, lynxes, bighorns, raccoons, wolves, etc.). You can most likely get a good view of them from the observation booth high above the valley blockade. The bird air shows with birds of prey are a special attraction and take place on Tuesdays and Sundays at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. But the bird air shows only take place if the weather is good.

Protestant town church
The town church is one of the oldest protestant churches in Hesse. God's word, according to Luther's teaching, was first announced here already in the year 1526. But the town church also has an art historical importance. The choir had already been built in pre-reform times around the year 1300. The main nave and the tower originate from the 16th century. Especially the carved winged altar with the coronation of Maria and the scriptural scenes deserves special attention. But the two baptismal fonts (one of which is behind the altar), the sacrament alcove, the lectern as well as numerous grave memorials are also worth seeing.

Former Cistercian convent in the town part Netze
The counts Volkwin and Adolf of Schwalenberg founded a women's convent in the present town part of Netze in the year 1228. After the convent was closed in 1557, the convent buildings decayed. But the convent church remained obtained until present. Among the worth seeing exhibition pieces, the gothic three-winged altar from the second half of the 14th century is outstanding. Scenes of the life of Jesus are shown on the altar pictures.

Excursion trips in the surrounding
Worthwhile excursion trips in the surrounding area are among others

  • the old, contemplative Ackerburgerstadt town ("Ackerburger" [Ackerburger town] is a description of wealthy farmers, who built their houses in a particular style) Naumburg (about 13 km northeast of the 345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee), with its numerous picturesque half-timbered buildings, counts to the prettiest small towns in Hesse. The museum railroad "Hessencourier", which runs from Naumburg to Kassel and Bad Emstal, is a special attraction.
  • the traditional spa town Bad Wildungen (about 16 km south of 345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee) with its elegant spa neighborhood, the magnificent art nouveau buildings, the baroque castle Friedrichstein, the gothic town church and the historical uniform and weapon museum,
  • the old dome and emperor town Fritzlar (about 22 km southeast of 345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee) with its picturesque market place, the almost completely maintained town wall and other culture historical buildings,
  • Bad Arolsen (about 28 km north of 345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee) with its charming townscape, characterized by its half-timbered houses and the baroque residence castle,
  • Kassel (about 52 km northeast of 345-wald castle hotel lake Edersee) with castle and hill park "Wilhelmshohe", the castle Lowenburg, its museums and other sightseeings.

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